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Red Towel Radio is a weekly show on ESPN 102.7 FM and 1450 AM in Bowling Green, Ky. It airs each Thursday afternoon at 5 with host Tyler Eaton and his guests, who focus on Western Kentucky University sports.

May 20, 2021

Host Tyler Eaton wraps up the 2020-21 WKU athletic director Todd Stewart, who discusses WKU softball's Conference USA championship and the athletics year as a whole.

May 12, 2021

Host Tyler Eaton is joined by Brett Williams to provide a full game-by-game, team-by-team breakdown of the Conference USA softball tournament taking place in Bowling Green this week. 

May 6, 2021

Host Tyler Eaton is joined by Bowling Green Daily News sports reporter Jared MacDonald to discuss the upcoming Conference USA baseball and softball tournaments. Plus, new WBKO sports reporter Brett Alpin stops by to introduce himself to the WKU community.